Why Join PSN

PSN members join a community of dedicated protective security practitioners committed to creating a safer world by ‘driving’ continuous improvement and professional development through shared information, education and research.

Members access these services on-line, to enhance their theoretical and practical knowledge – knowledge that could benefit security outcomes.

PSN promotes professional development and rewarding career pathways.


Who May Join

We invite membership from security managers, supervisors and other protective security practitioners within Australia, across the Asia-Pacific and other nations.

We also invite applications for membership from persons who may have a professional, workplace or academic interest in protective security.


Service and Benefits to Members


1. What We Provide and Don’t Provide

We provide:
(i) an active on-line platform to raise matters and introduce information aimed at enhancing the professional knowledge of members,
(ii) authoritative national and international sourced topics on security and related industry governance, compliance, emergency response, resilience, and crime risk and threat analyses,
(iii) ideas and material for dealing with familiar and/or challenging situations, that is, new solutions for old problems,
(iv) up to 10 hours of one-on-one consultation per year with a PSN mentor via video conferencing or telephone to discuss professional or career issues and opportunities to develop your work-place mentoring,
(v) engagement with members to ‘nourish’ security practice and management leadership.

We don’t provide:
(i) in-depth theoretical and competency-based programs, provided by universities, colleges or registered training organisations,
(ii) courses for licensing purposes, or any other security-related training typically provided by employers and specialist trainers,
(iii) security services or consultancies.

2. Engaging with Industry

Members may engage with the wider security industry as advocates for continuous improvement in security practice and management, for example partnering with industry in research projects. Access to PSN’s information and knowledge sharing services may assist you.

3. Opportunities for Mentoring and Leadership

No two career paths are the same. Mentoring can assist in the development of your career. For example, migrating between occupational roles, moving from public sector to private sector (and vice versa), entering middle or senior management roles and navigating ethical dilemmas in the workplace.

We invite experienced members who would like to volunteer and share their knowledge as a mentor to indicate their interest to us. PSN mentors will be acknowledged accordingly.

The PSN team is available assist members to develop their mentoring and leadership potential.

4. Recognition

PSN allows and encourages subscribers to use the designation – Member of the Protective Security Network (MPSN). The designation should be used discerningly and with discretion.

The designation is a public acknowledgement of your commitment to a code of conduct and continuing development of, and advocacy for security industry professionalism.

Members who join before 29 February, 2024 will be further acknowledged as a PSN Foundation Member.

Information, Education and Research Platforms


1. Information, Education and Research Topics

Topics will be identified and developed by respected security practitioners and educators, leveraging their real-world experiences.

They will typically focus on ‘high risk’ and/or ‘high consequence’ security operations and management, for example, related to crowded places and special events, CBD office buildings, critical infrastructure and supply networks.

There are a number of formats by which topic sharing will occur including, podcasts and on-demand webinars.

We invite members, their employers and clients to provide input into the development of topics and issues.

2. Newsletters

We provide via email information of key issues and significant events that will support your professional practice.

This monthly service includes notification of contemporary and newly released publications that provide advice and recommendations from a range of government and industry sources.


3. Member ‘Alert’

We alert members of important information, for example, change in Government security advice, or an approaching deadline for public comment of a draft security standard.

The Member Alert service will not be used for advertising.

Members are encouraged to advise us of Alert-worthy news via the PSN website Contact Form to allow us to consider the information for sharing among your colleagues.


4. PSN Special Interest Groups (SIG)

PSN encourages exchange of ideas and information to develop ‘best practice’ in protective security.

We are calling for expressions from members to join one or more of our special interest groups.

The following SIGs are proposed:

  • Airports
  • Maritime Ports
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial
  • Rail transport
  • Mining
  • Defence industry
  • Crowded places

SIGs will depend on interest from members.

We will facilitate conversations over Zoom (or similar).

Please advise us of your interest using the PSN website’s Contact Form including the SIG(s) that you are interested in, and if you would like to have a leading role in your group.

5.  ‘Ask the Librarian’

PSN has access to an extensive collection of security and related resources from around the world aimed at increasing your professional knowledge, support research projects, and/or your studies in security and related fields, such as risk management, emergency management and business continuity planning.

Your PSN library resources may be beneficial should you need to develop policies, procedures, standards or training programs.

In some situations, certain publications (for example Australian and International Standards) may not be able to be provided by PSN, as copyright could require purchase by members from relevant publishers. PSN will assist members to source such publications.

For assistance of “Ask the Librarian” please complete the Contact Form.


6.  Roundtables

Roundtables are an ideas-sharing platform to enable participants to discuss their perspectives, knowledge and workplace experiences. An example of a roundtable topic is ‘vehicles as a weapon’.

The sphere of engagement by protective security practitioners typically extends to facilities, precinct, risk and warehouse managers, and WHS, HR and
compliance specialists. It also extends to security service providers, emergency management consultants, and police.

Practitioner influence is also critical to security outcomes, for example, across property portfolios, along supply chains, and the conduct of international operations.

The above broader roles and responsibilities are critical to delivering innovative, cost-effective and sustainable security outcomes. Roundtables invite contributions focussing on these outcomes.

Members may use their allocated online mentoring time to discuss topics and gain advice prior to, and after roundtables are held.

PSN will provide information to members on their selected topics that will complement (enhance) their own knowledge, research, and experience.




Should you wish to know more about PSN, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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