Protective Security Network (PSN) is a professional community of dedicated practitioners committed to creating a safer world by driving professional
knowledge through information, education and research.

PSN provides the opportunity for your business to be a PSN Corporate Partner showing your support to PSN members and your commitment to the security expectations of your clients.

Your partnership with PSN will amplify your company’s:

  • leadership protecting people, property, information and client reputation through innovation and collaboration,
  • emphasis on providing motivated, informed, and resilient protective security practitioners to your clients,
  • commitment to retain the best protective security practitioners.

Being a Corporate Partner enables your company to:

  • promote professional development to strengthen your organisation’s commitment to best practice,
  • supplement your company’s in-house information and occupational knowledge resources available to your PSN members,
  • influence PSN information content and delivery to members,
  • consider the opportunity of sponsoring your employees in their PSN membership,
  • help shape research that will benefit the security industry,
  • support your company being an employer of choice,
  • display the PSN logo across your media platforms to show your support and collaboration in developing and sustaining professionalism in the
    delivery of protective security services,
  • prominently and proudly display your logo on the PSN website.

Should you wish to discuss about becoming a Protective Security Network Corporate Partner, please contact us.


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