About PSN

Protective Security Network (PSN) invites membership from security managers, supervisors and other protective security practitioners within Austalia, across the Asia-Pacific and other nations, many of whom work in challenging, uncertain, sensitive, complex and ambiguous environments.  Such situations require occupational knowledge, often above and broader than, training typically received in roles to protect people, property and business integrity.

PSN has been established in Australia by leading experts with one aim, to provide opportunities for professional development and knowledge through shared information, education and research. PSN is a strategic initiative of Harris Security Management (HSM).

We believe that ongoing professional development and recognition of protective security practitioners enhances security outcomes for clients and communities they protect.

PSN facilitates online access to information, education and research services to support the professional development of members. Opportunities provided by PSN are separate from training qualifications for security licensing.

Proof-of-concept for PSN included consultation with clients, security service providers and security practitioners. During the consultation period, we were encouraged to invite professionals from allied areas such as facilities, precinct and risk managers to join PSN. We were also encouraged to extend PSN membership across the Asia-Pacific.

The PSN philosophy encourages members to:

  • seek continuous improvement in the services they provide,
  • be sensitive to corporate and community contexts that inform and shape decision-making,
  • advocate for positive change in security and related sector cultures,
  • pursue occupational learning to master the challenges of complex work environments,
  • maintain PSN Code of Conduct.
Clients and other stakeholders need to be assured of the professionalism of their security practitioners and managers. PSN is focused on this need.

PSN promotes the ‘knowledge–confidence’ of members to respond appropriately and professionally to risks, threats and incidents, across protective security related scenarios, including initial-responder and controller roles.

Although the PSN platform is framed for the Australian and Asia-Pacific region, we encourage practitioners anywhere in the world to become members.


Should you wish to know more about Protective Security Network, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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