PSN Information and Educational Services

Members will be offered information and educational on-line services. Topics will be developed by respected security practitioners and educators, leveraging their real-world experiences.

We also welcome members, their employers and their clients to provide input into the development of topics and issues.

Members are responsible for costs associated with equipment, software including cyber protection and related services required to communicate with PSN and to access the internet-based information from PSN.


News and Briefing Service

We will provide current and updated information of key issues and significant events that will support your professional practice.

This service will include notification of newly released advice and recommendations from a range of government and industry sources.


’Ask the Librarian’

PSN has access to an extensive collection of security and related resources from around the world aimed at increasing your professional knowledge, support research projects, and/or your studies in security and related fields, such as risk management, emergency management, business continuity planning, crisis management, leadership, organised crime and terrorism.

In some situations, certain publications (for example Australian or International Standards) may not be able to be provided by PSN, as copyright could require purchase by members from relevant publishers. PSN will assist members for open source publications relevant to their requests and needs.



No two career paths are the same. Mentoring can assist in the development of your career. For example:

  • migrating between occupational roles,
  • moving from public sector to private sector (and vice versa),
  • entering middle or senior management roles,
  • navigating ethical and other dilemmas in the workplace.

Your membership fee includes up to 4 hours of consultation per year using video conferencing. Sessions are booked with our on-line system.
We also invite expressions of interest from experienced members who would like to volunteer and share their knowledge as a mentor to. PSN mentors will be acknowledged accordingly.


The Physical Protection Practitioner

This series of topics are aimed for members to gain broader practical knowledge in areas that require essential high performance in security operations.

The topics will tend to highlight tensions between ‘common practice’ and ‘best practice’, generally in non-specific contextual discussions.

Members are invited to suggest specific topics for development and future inclusion.


Security Horizons

Members will be invited to participate in ‘think tanks’ with the overarching banner ‘Security Horizons’. Topics will focus on ‘high risk’ and/or ‘high consequence’ security operations and management, for example crowded places and special events, CBD office buildings, critical infrastructure and supply networks.

Think tank topics will be developed and supported by PSN resources. The exchange of ideas will be informative and intended to broaden knowledge for participants, hopefully challenging traditional opinions and perceptions.

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